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I am from Birmingham, in England. I write about my pastimes - present and past, and topics of interest.

Some ebooks I have written may be read at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/in4mative.

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    Life on Other Worlds

    2 weeks ago

    Can there be life elsewhere in the universe? This article asks a few questions and provides some illustration of what might be the truth.

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    God – Fact, Fiction or Rumour?

    17 months ago

    An examination of the credibility of the Bible's stories of God and Jesus Christ.

  • 2

    Household Budgeting For Economical Living

    19 months ago

    Economical living and a domestic budget can help you live within your means or just save for your future.

  • 2

    Build Your Own PC Computer

    9 months ago

    Building your own PC computer allows you to have the computer you want, not merely what is available from suppliers. Naturally, there are risks, especially for the first-time builder.

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    Spit and Polish for a Better Shine on Leather

    11 months ago

    Spit and polish is a time-honoured method of polishing leather, and making it longer lasting. It is widely used in the military services, where it underlines high and uncompromising standards. If you are prepared to...

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    Four men in a dinghy

    10 months ago

    It was like a lush green cathedral. I would not forget an alternative lifestyle where the humdrum and clamour of modern life are left behind.

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    Practising aikido

    10 months ago

    This is a sample of what you can expect when you practise aikido, including etiquette and some oriental wisdom.

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    The Alternative Vote System

    14 months ago

    The Alternative Vote System is a vote for the kind of party we all want, even if you want something different.

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    An holistic, objective approach to children’s education

    3 weeks ago

    The best education for children is the kind of life situations, plus technical studies, that their education is supposed to prepare them for.

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    Keep-fit without being fanatical

    16 months ago

    Keep fit moderately so that you are more inclined to keep it up.

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    A Taste of Snowdonia

    3 months ago

    Enjoy the thrills, fun and sheer exhilaration of the Snowdonia region of Wales, and make you sure you survive the dangers.

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